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How do I refund a customer?

There are two different ways to refund a Stripe charge to a customer. One is within PodiumIO, and the other way is within the Stripe dashboard.


1. Stripe charges are not yet able to be refunded in the booking dashboard. To process a refund for a booking, you must go to the Payments section of your admin.

2. Look for the charge that you would like to refund. Once you find it, click “Refund”, and you will see the processing status update to “Refunded”.

Payment processing refund Stripe


1. After capturing a payment, you will see the option to refund the customer in the Stripe dashboard:

Refund payment Stripe

2. Click “Refund”, and you will have the option to refund a full or partial amount, as well as select and describe a reason for the refund. Once ready, click “Refund” again to finalize the refund.

Refund Payment Stripe Final Step

3. Once the payment has been refunded, you will see the updated status in your Stripe dashboard.

Updated on May 23, 2019

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