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What is a recurring booking?

A recurring booking is a booking that repeats for the same customer at the same location on a set pattern (recurrence rule). PodiumIO supports a strict set of recurrence rules, including: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly (2 weeks), Monthly, etc.

Recurring bookings are helpful because they will automatically be created for you based on the recurrence rule chosen, so that rather than an administrator having to go through and create repeating bookings by hand, the system will create them for you. You can choose how far out you’d like them to be created from Settings/Bookings.

If you’d like to turn a regular booking into a recurring one, this can be done from the Booking Profile via the “Make Recurring” button in the Recurring Panel. If a booking is already recurring and you would like to alter the recurrence rule, click on the Gear icon in the Recurring Panel.

Updated on May 28, 2019

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