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How do I customize notifications?

Notifications are edited from our Notification Template Editor, which can be found on Settings / Notifications.

At the bottom of the editor, you will see the “Preview” and “Reset to Default” buttons. The “Preview” button allows you to see a sample with dummy data of what your notification would look like with a specific booking page. The “Reset to Default” button resets your template back to PodiumIO’s unedited form. If you choose to re-edit the template afterwards, you will have to start from PodiumIO’s scratch.

The main components of a Notification Template are the Preview Text, Tokens, Conditions and Partials.


Tokens are the small blue boxes of information that are replaced by the system with actual information. Tokens are added by click-click, not by drag-drop. Notice that some tokens are required to be wrapped in conditions. The system will alert you if you’re adding a token improperly.


Conditions allow you to show and hide specific areas based on whether a certain property is true or false. These properties include whether or not the booking has a date, a cost, etc.


Partials are the large grey boxes with titles. They are sections that have very complex logic that is currently un-editable. Most notifications have at least one partial.

Preview Text (email only)

The preview text is displayed to the recipient of your notification in the email client before your recipient opens the email. It does not show up in the content of the actual email notification.

Updated on May 28, 2019

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