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Dispatching Overview

Premium Feature

This feature requires a Grow subscription or higher.

Dispatching is the process of assigning bookings to your employees/contractors (what we refer to as service providers) who will actually perform the service.


On the Dispatcher page, you can assign service providers to (How Can I assign a service provider to a booking?) and remove service providers from (How can I remove a service provider from a booking?) a booking using drag-and-drop.

Once you’ve completed making your changes on the timeline, you must hit the Save (floppy disk icon) button in the top bar. Hitting this button will open a prompt which will ask you to select which service providers you’d like to have notified of their changes. Once complete, hit the “Save and Notify” button in order to finalize your changes.

On the top bar, you’re able to toggle between day and week views, turn on “Auto-resize bookings,” (this setting will re-size booking based on team size, labour hours, and the number of assigned service providers) and filter the assignments.

Note that depending on the size of your screen, you may need to scroll horizontally and vertically in order to see the entirety of the dispatcher.

Work Calendar

Once assigned to a booking, the booking will show up in a service provider’s Work Calendar, which can also be synced to a Google Calendar (How can my employee see their assigned bookings in their own external Google Calendar?).

Your service providers will also receive email notifications of their daily work schedule at 5AM every day, based on the company’s timezone.

Updated on May 23, 2019

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